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7 Principles of Good Website Design

An attention-grabbing animation as the site loads, a glittering header and footer, and a high-resolution image of the company’s CEO at the end of the website’s page………….….is not definitely a key to magnificent web design.

Most of the people may have the same definition of web designing in their mind. However, this ain’t true.

Designing a website includes hundreds of tasks to implement in order to craft an impressive website. Any good web designer knows what it takes to drive a website smoothly and also appear good enough at the same time.

Still, considering a few principles is always a good idea.

Here, we have listed a few tips that contribute to out-of-the-box website design.

Keep it Simple

A basic and simple web design introduces a win-win situation. Many websites have stylish sliders, animations, and high-resolution graphics and make the website heavy with high loading time. Not even Google will lower it down from its index or user will close the tab.

So, there is no point in creating a never seen styled, colorful, and attractive website with loads of images and videos just to impress. The user doesn’t care about it, they want the action button in front of them and done.


Whitespace or negative space works for almost every web design irrespective of niche, purpose or service the website has to offer. I remember a few websites I have visited which don’t possess even a single touch of white space and that looks horrible unless they have used a substitute of white color. But, sometimes even the substitute fails to do what white tone could do.

Proper Alignment

Alignment is as necessary as any other key point listed here. It enhances a neat, appealing, and well-represented web design. The misalignment could disturb the impression of any website. And of course, the visitor will definitely not going to like the services or products listed on the website. The user will judge the offerings depending upon the impression of the site.

Smooth Navigation

Smooth navigation drives better usability and definitely leading to fabulous user experience. Even if the website has proper alignment and fine adjustment of white space but doesn’t have proper navigation. It's a whole of the waste.

It makes the design innovative, pleasant, impressive and also tells the user to focus over a particular area as the site loads.

Visual Elements

I know this may sound like a contradiction, but you don’t want your website looking like a notepad file, do you?

However, you can be selective for the elements you are going to include. You can use compressed and good quality images or even a few geometry shapes will work. The number of images or any other elements doesn’t make your website design amazing but their position does so.

Just make sure that the element is adding a message or a value in the web design.

Mobile Compatibility

In the world of rising technology, the website must pass the mobile compatibility test. It is the time where screens, ICs are getting smaller and technology is getting larger day by day. It keeps your website a few steps ahead where a few competitors have missed.

Also, the Statcounter data states that the world has more mobile users as compared to desktop users.

Fonts & Colors

A displaying font style has more impact than one can ever think. A special font attracts the user attention and a color combination makes the user an impeccable experience. Every color is associated with human emotion and a great combination may work wonders.

For eg., ocean blue depicts the pleasant feel, red signifies love and danger (a minute difference in both shades), white gives the feeling of peace and so on.

Final Thoughts

Web design really matters to convey the brand’s persona, user’s experience, and an image of the company. It is always advised to never underestimate these key points as they have great potential to work wonderfully.

You can even hire a web design company who can do the job for you with better skills and expertise.

Sysamic is one of them, it is a combination of 1 part of the passion and the 2 parts of the hard work. We also offer mobile app development, SEO, ERP, and custom software development services.


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